BackRoad Vines

Started working with a winemaker in 2011, learning about wine and planning to one day after retirement (2025-2030) opening a small tasting room behind our house and enjoy retirement in the wine industry. One barrel sold to friends and family then two then 6, this made us think that maybe we had something that was enjoyed by others besides ourselves. With the unforeseen event of our winemaker having to leave the country unexpectedly we were left with the 1000 gallons of juice to care for and take through fermentation. Keeping our day jobs, my husband and myself leased the old farmhouse down the street, applied for our permits and started producing wine and selling it as soon as we bottled it. Then the home parties followed introducing people to our style of wine, memberships started to come in from those parties. Once we had 100 members we started to open on weekends. We went from sales of 120 cases in 2014 to 1200 cases in 2018, and are open 7 days a week. We are now in the process of building a new facility where we can keep our quantity of wine under 4000 cases and add an assortment of other activities that our clientele can enjoy along with their wine. Growing our own fruit bio dynamically let's us produce the highest quality, and by crafting "old school" and not manipulating the fruit is our key to our outstanding wines. Keeping the production small enough that we (our family; husband, wife and two daughters) can do everything from de-stemming to bottling is our goal.


2221 Julian Lane
Fairfield, CA