Toreldego is from ancient times. History clear back from the 15th century. Native of Northern Italy, from the Northeast region of Trentino-Alto Adige region. It's parentage comes from Syrah. A very limited supply in the USA, it is our favorite on our table. First impression is to call it Super BOLD. Teroldego is a vigorous, powerful wine, with a dry, lightly tannic, snappy acidity, with lush full-bodied flavors. Succulent flavors of black-cherry, wild fruits and dark plums and notes of smoke, herbs and almonds. In its young versions, it is a concentration of fruity freshness. Very complex. Aged, it stands out for its fine texture and exceptional balance of fruit preserves and deep color. It has a darkest purple color of any grape I have ever seen

Pairs Well With

If this wine could talk, it screams out for a Medium Rare Steak.


Renato Sais

Tranquil Heart Vineyard and Winery

26637 Soboba St
hemet, CA, 92544

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